Why Participate in a Clinical Trials? What benefits do I get?

These pharmaceutical research studies provide the new cutting-edge therapy for participants who might be underinsured, uninsured or have not been successful on traditional treatments with the goal of understanding neurological conditions and finding potential new treatments.

Volunteering for a clinical research trial is a personal choice. It avails the participant of treatment, medical care, and an integral part of the research process.

Depending on the type of study, participants receive study related care at no cost, study-related lab testing, MRI Imaging and/or PET scan, Diagnostic Testing, study-related payment for time and travel, and study-related medication.

There is also an altruistic reason to join a study at Neurology Associates of Ormond Beach Clinical Research Center!

Some of our participants join purely because they want to be a part of finding the cure through personal experience, to improve medical care for future generations, their personal interest in science and help our team gather data to advance the field of medicine. Without volunteers, clinical studies simply would not be possible! 

Participants do not need health insurance to be a part of a trial as their medical care associated with the study is inclusive. In other words, neither the participant nor the insurer will be receiving a bill.   They are covered 100%!

After enrolling in a study, they may leave at any time for any reason. Eligibility requirements vary for each study and determine the criteria for participation. When carefully conducted, they are the safest and fastest way to find new treatments and ways to improve health.

Join us (click here) and become a part of the Neurology Associates of Ormond Beach Clinical Research Center’s family as we sustain our mission to enhance lives and outcomes as we aim for a better inspiration in our Center of Research Excellence! 

All studies take place at Neurology Associates of Ormond Beach Clinical Research Center, 8 Mirror Lake Drive, Suite C in Ormond Beach, FL.  If you are interested in learning more, please call and talk to our professional staff regarding current clinical trials at 386-676-6340 and learn how to potentially improve health outcomes and an opportunity for a better quality of life!

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